LET GO (2023)

Psychological Thriller/Romance

A man finds his fiancé in Athens, years after she went missing. Together, they embark on a drug-fuelled road trip across Europe as he tries to unravel the mystery of why she no longer recognizes him.



Mentamorphosis tells people  what to do, think, and work. For 100 years, this flawless system brought balance and peace . A revolution sparks when a caretaker transforms to a writer and reveals his work to the public.  To claim order, the world's leaders unite and use their publishing company to indoctrinate him and change his writing forever.

A CITY ABOVE CITIES  (2016)  - Documentary

A City Above City takes us through the history, culture, and art of Kaifeng, one of the oldest cities in the world and capital of China during the Song Dynasty period. Today, the government is revitalizing the city back to its ancient look, and in the process forming the world's largest art piece.

TIME FOR MONEY  (2017) - Comedy/Drama

On a hot Greek summer day, a man in desperate need of a ride finds one from Greece's slowest driver.

LIKE A DRUG  (2016) - Drama/Fantasy

A young woman who can't escape her self-taunting thoughts is finally forced to face them.

CONGRATS ON ENDING YOUR LIFE  (2016) - Suspense/Comedy

Alcohol and drugs, angry strippers, relentless cops, a suspicious bride, and a dead groom -- this bachelor party has gotten seriously out of control.

CHASING TAIL  (2016) - Drama/Comedy

The search for a pet forces Violet to question the commitment of her boyfriend Jake.


Two young sisters encounter a drunken teenage girl at their neighbourhood park and struggle to escape her abuse.


Three drunk friends stumble into a restaurant past midnight and must fight to not become the ground beef that they were fed.

BLACK AND WHITE  (2013) - Thriller

An alternative film that examines the psyche of two strange characters as they go about their mysterious daily routines.