Mentamorphosis Poster 1


Sci-Fi/Drama - 89 mins

Mentamorphosis tells people  what to do, think, and work. For 100 years, this flawless system brought balance and peace . A revolution sparks when a caretaker transforms to a writer and reveals his work to the public.  To claim order, the world's leaders unite and use their publishing company to indoctrinate him and change his writing forever.

Starring Alex Cruz Kate McArthur Michael McLeister Kane Mahon Andris Yerkavits Tim O'Connell Rosemarie Griffin Krystyna Hunt Roula Covington Matt Adetuyi Nicole Tiraborelli John Cianciolo Ingunn Omholt Avi Zarum Xenia Mustapic Manfred Dannemann Brendan O' Gorman

Directed by Rany Naser, written by Rany Naser ​Roula Covington, produced by Alex Cruz Rany Naser, cinematography by Marco Lamera, Music by Marvin McMahon, production design Miranda Kent, editing Ray Habbaba, key makeup Nicoletta Bendo, stunt co-ordinator Richard Parris, visual effects by Virtual Visual Studios, production manager Roula Covington, 1st assistant director Federica Sala